54mm NWF – Rescue Mission

Anthony and I played another 54mm North-West frontier game using The Sword and the Flame with half-size units.

The scenario was that an outpost were preparing to evacuate due to reports of advancing tribesmen. A relief force was on the way but they must save the wounded and the gun from falling into Pathan hands. There are 4 baggage elephants, the gun crew and a single British unit manning the outpost.

The relief force consists of 4 infantry and one cavalry unit.


The outpost at the start of the game:

The British Relief Force:

The tribesman have arrived

General shots of the battle:

Anthony did the sensible thing and loaded his gun onto the elephants immediately and moved them out. Two elephants were captured by the Pathans for a brief time but I was unable to cause enough casualties on the British relief forces and eventually British firepower won the day.


4 thoughts on “54mm NWF – Rescue Mission

  1. Great, inspiring stuff! I really like the rectangular bases on your AIP British. I’ve been using metal washers, but I think the rectangles work much better for formed troop types. Nice to see the AIP elephants too! I tried to find some on the AIP website but they all out. I finally found some on eBay from England. Even with shipping to the US, they came out about the same price as when they were available from AIP. I am looking forward to getting my 54mm NWF collection onto the game table in 2016. I even bought and painted up one of the AIP Afghan hill forts. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have the Afghan Hill fort but have yet to paint it. A project for January I think, along with some cliffs and some Sangars…

  3. Nick, the Brits are actually mine-when I first began collecting 54mm I thought of using circular bases but they made the footprint of individual figures too large. The rectangular bases make close formation look a lot better. They are magnetic too for use on large metal bases for element-based rules. Cheers, Anthony.

  4. Mike, a head’s up about the AIP fort. The designers took the cheap way out and made the wall with the crenelations hollow so, being somewhat compulsive, I filled in the hollow side with wood putty. More work than I bargained for! Also I added some texture to the smooth plastic walls with textured paint from a spray can. Now I just need to build a hill, since a hill fort needs to sit on a hill.
    Anthony, great idea on the magnetic bases because I cannot commit to any one set of element basing!

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