Press release about the purchase of Dorset Model Soldier below – still feeling a mix of nerves and excitement about the purchase…

We are pleased to announce that as of 15th November 2019 Imperial Miniatures are the new owners of Dorset Model Soldiers, the well known supplier of Toy Soldier Spares and model soldiers based in Portland, Dorset.

We have bought the company from Andy Gibbs, who bought Dorset from the original owner Giles Brown in 2016.

Andy is currently completing any outstanding paid orders he has, and we are arranging to collect the moulds, masters, stock etc. from the Portland workshop around the end of November. New orders can continue to be placed through the Dorset Models website, by phone or post (please note that cheques should be payable to Imperial Miniatures).

We hope to have the business back up and running and processing orders shortly after the London Toy Soldier show on December 7th and provide the same level of service that Giles made Dorset renowned for.

Please note the new address and phone number:
Dorset Model Soldiers , Nyetimber, Norfolk Farm Road, Woking, Surrey GU22 8LF, England
Tel: 01483 855757 (Cheques payable to Imperial Miniatures).

Dorset will continue to be run as a separate website and business from Imperial.

Painted Samples

I have had a chance to quickly paint up a couple of samples from the new master castings.


German infantryman


French infantryman

I am planning on working on the 54mm moulds next week so hope to have the cavalry and the new infantry figures on general release in a week or so.

Medium Gun

Finished 3 more artillerymen for a medium gun crew. Looking through the artillery park I will probably assign one 4.7, one of these guns and one light gun to each army to begin with.

These crew use the arms with rolled up sleeves, plus the Home Service artillery head.

Medium Gun Crew

One thing I do need to do is sand down all the guns and repaint them with a suitable dark green enamel paint.

Finally finished a unit!

It has been a long time coming but I have finally finished casting, assembling and painting a unit of Guards for Army Red. With the addition of the flag from TVAG they are now complete.


I have already assembled and painted 6 Riflemen and have another 14 assembled on the painting table so that will be the next unit to follow.


The summer didn’t quite work out as planned due to two eye operations for cataracts but I am now back to painting some 54mm and I finally managed to get the two types of cavalry quickly painted.

The Dragoon Officer

The Dragoon Trooper