Finally an Update

Real life and other work which actually pays the rent has meant that I haven’t had much time to work on the Little Wars Revisited range over the last few months.

Now that Salute is out of the way I have finally managed to start on moulding the rest of the range and have the moulds done for the Line Infantry, Fusilier heads and the Riflemen heads and arms. I also have an added incentive of an order for 108 figures..

I have also mastered the first cavalry figure – a Dragoon. The mould has a problem, unfortunately with one the horse halves and I am going to have to remake it (the saddle slipped in the mould) but the following is a couple of test shots of the figure cast up. The horse will fit together better and the rider sit slightly better on the remastered piece.

There is a second arm with the sword straight out for an officer figure and a set of reins to add that run between the horse’s head and the figures hand/top of saddle if you want them.

Even casting the horse in two halves to reduce weight (it is slightly hollow) this is a heavy piece and will cost £11.00 for the horse and rider.

Once I have finished the moulds, I will announce the releases and get the figures up on the shop to buy – hopefully in a couple of weeks at the latest.