First Sword and the Flame game

Anthony and I finally played our first game of The Sword and the Flame using our North-west Frontier collection. I didn’t manage to quite finish building all the scenery I wanted but the table still looked pretty good.

The scenario was based on the example game in the TSATF rulebook with the British advancing down a valley to examine a partially destroyed fort.

The British had 1 unit of British foot, 1 unit of Indian Foot, a gun and 4 crew and a half-size cavalry unit.

The Pathans had 3 units (half guns. half swords) and an old gun with 3 crew.

The British advanced slowly and met some withering fire from a group of Pathans on the second turn (7 hits from 10 shots!), which brought that unit to a halt in the open. The British managed to contain the initial Pathan onslaught but lost a complete British unit with just one man helping a wounded colleage to the rear. The rest of the pathans attempted to attack the cavalry but decided that destroying a British unit was as good as it would get and retired satisfied.

Some pictures of the action follow: