The Portable Wargame

I have become slightly fascinated by grid based wargames over the last month after re-reading about Bob Cordery’s The Portable Wargame and Bob’s postings about the Joseph Morschauser’s book on wargaming from the 1960s.

I picked up the Morschauser book and found it fascinating as a different style of wargame that didn’t really seem to catch on, yet one that reflects a lot of more modern gaming.

So, I bought a gridded mat and Anthony came round this afternoon to give the Portable Wargame rules a go. We used my Little Wars Revisited figures, using 6 figures for infantry and 2 figures for cavalry units and played a simple “capture the crossroads” game.

British and German forces lined up ready to deploy.

The deployment made.

Anthony commanding the British (as always!)

The German cavalry get stuck in.

We found the rules very enjoyable and a very elegant set that worked really well with 54mm figures. Both of us liked the look of the gridded game and plan to play again soon.

9 thoughts on “The Portable Wargame

  1. They do look rather excellent. I am firmly of the opinion that all the best sort play gridded wargames. Fortunately, I am too heavily invested in 1/72 to consider something in a larger scale.

    But still they are fine.

    Do I see Tony’s assistant commander snoozing on the job ?

  2. Mike,

    What a great little wargame! I had thought about trying my Portable Wargame Rules with 54mm-scale figures, but never got around to it … but I am giving serious thought to doing so now.

    I am really glad that you enjoyed using the rules.

    All the best,


  3. Mike, thanks your hospitality-a great way to spend a Saturday! I loved the rules and already thinking about historical scenarios and more 54mm collecting.

    Conrad, the only contribution my assistant commander made during the entire game was to wake up suddenly very excited and bite me…..!

  4. Very shocked to see Anthony playing games the British…must have been a challenge for him!

  5. Alastair, sadly the real challenge was trying to win-I didn’t!

    Conrad, he clearly couldn’t wait that long!

  6. Alan,

    I have been pondering using 40mm figures for Bob’s 20th century PW rules as 1/32 tanks are rather large..either that or I use larger grids (20cm would work). There are of course a much larger range of WW2 vehicles avilable in 1/32 thanin 40mm, although perversely you can get some lovely die cast WW1 tanks in 1/48 scale but none in 1/32 (I discount the oversized Tadpole tank by Steve Weston as it never saw combat and is just way too long to be used on any grid).


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