The Airfix Wargame in 54mm

Anthony and I spent a pleasant Thursday this week playing a couple of games with a spot of lunch in the middle. it had originally been planned that we would play a funny Little Wars game in the garden but unfortunately, the other participants were not able to make it so it has been postponed for another day.

The first game we played was the Airfix Wargame which we have tried out before with the boards and cards that come with the game. This time it was played on Anthony’s Mat and with his 54mm figures.

This was the setup for Scenario 2:


Anthony took the allies at the top of the picture and I had the Germans. The scenario was to capture and hold the farmhouse in the centre of the board for 2 turns.

Anthony’s initial deployment:


My initial deployment:


Anthony won the initiative but was unable to move his first unit into the farmhouse on the first turn due to the rough ground in front of it. I had a card that let me do that and my pioneers took the farmhouse.

Anthony then managed to wound them but over the two turns couldn’t dislodge them as he didn’t have the cards and they passed their moral.

So, a quick first game and we reset and played again.

This time, Anthony captured the farmhouse and I was not able to dislodge him despite assaulting it with my veteran unit.

One victory a piece. We discussed the game and realised there was much more we could have both done with the edge cover pieces you deplOy at the start of the game and I could have made better use of my MG team.

All in all, a fun game which will improve as we play it more and get used to the tactics.

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