Action in the North-West Frontier

Anthony and I played another North-West Frontier game using our 54mm collection and Bob Cordery’s Portable Colonial Wargames rules.

The game was played on a 3 x 4 mat marked in 10cm squares.


This is the setup at the start of the game. The objective is the small ruined outpost in the centre of the battlefield. They winner is the person who holds it at the end of turn 15.



This is a closeup of the British and Pathan setups. Anthony was playing British as usual…


The natives in the rules can sometimes double move and I was able to use this ability troops into cover and quickly to the objective and to cover the flanks. However, the dice were really against me and with Anthony and I failed to win any melees. When you take a hit you can be forced back or destroyed. I only managed to save a unit from destruction once in the entire game!






Even with me losing most of my units the game still came down to Turn 15 and a final chance to clear the ruin of British forces.


But sadly, I lost the melee again and the British won the day…

Another really fun game with some very simple but elegant rules.

5 thoughts on “Action in the North-West Frontier

  1. If I wasn’t up to my eyes with my current Napoleonic project, I’d be dusting off my own 54mm figures and following your example.

    A great battle report … and wonderful figures!

    All the best,


  2. Once again Mike was a great sport. It’s not much fun when whatever you do the dice keep coming up ones and twos.

    Cheers Mike for great games!

  3. Cracking stuff Mike. Good to see you at the table.

    Have you considered a campaign?

  4. Conrad – I’ve looked at the Valley of Fire Campaign for NWF and talked about it with Anthony but not yet managed to organise it.

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