The Battle of Hooks Farm, Woking

Saturday September 2nd saw the Battle of Hook’s Farm take place in the Woking between the forces of Army Red and Dark Green (in my side garden).

The game was played using the Funny Little Wars rules with 6 infantry, 2 cavalry and 3 guns aside for a total of 120 infantry, 24 cavalry and 3 artillery. Each side also had one sniper.

I umpired.

Anthony with the forces of Army Red deployed on their baseline.

The battlefield of Hook Farm, showing the farm, firefly church, the cottage and the hovel. A small stone wall provides some cover in the middle.

Brian with the deployed forces of Army Dark Green.

Army Red start their initial manouevres.

The catering corps observing the action

Army Red send a cavalry detachment to seize the farm.

On the other flank the cavalry dash towards the church

Army Dark Green advance more cautiously having refused one flank

Army Red advance in a steady line

Both sides cavalry contest the farm

First blood to Army Green as a well placed shell kills some cavalry

General view of the battlefield

Army Dark Green deploy the guns

And the artillery duel begins

Army Green advance to line the wall

Army Red Sniper hides by the Hovel

Slavs skulk in cover – unfortunately they were hit by their own guns just after this as a stray shell landed in front of the woods…

Forced into retreat by their own artillery…

The action hots up with a firefight developing

By firefly church the Red cavalry threaten the Dark Green heavy gun.

And over run it

Dismounted cavalry fight over the farm…

The game was fun and eventually, Army Red got the better of the firefight and having spiked their guns Army Dark Green withdrew from the battlefield. We were very lucky with the weather.

We played from 11am to 5.30pm with an hour or so’s break for lunch at 1pm and another short break for cake and tea…

11 thoughts on “The Battle of Hooks Farm, Woking

  1. Wonderful looking game!

    I recognized my TVAG “Little Houses” in the Cottage and Church–their substantial presence were a gratifying sight.

    Lovely armies, too. Now, if only you’d had sets of the appropriate “Little Flags,” this would have been a dream display of the Padre’s rules and the many accessories offered for them.

    Good on Army Red’s cavalry! Running down Army Green’s 18″ gun was a major coup. Next time, I’m sure the Russian General will recall the value of a reserve!

    I hope the weather holds for you to do this again before winter and the end of campaigning season.

    Thank you so much for sharing!


  2. I like the Slavs. When I first saw them i thought they were Turks but I love the color scheme.

  3. Thank you for an excellent blog, inspirational display of classic wargaming at its best. Makes me want to get my toy soldiers out of the loft and put them out on the back garden (I have astro turf I am spoilt there.) Keep up the fantastic blog.

    Happy gaming.
    Will H

  4. Patrick, Army Red’s cavalry commander thanks you for the compliment! In fact my own two medium guns managed to destroy both formations of Army Green’s cavalry late in the battle at close range. Up until then they hadn’t hit a thing!

    Best wishes

  5. William – many thanks for the kind comments. I think that nothing can beat a wargame in the garden on a sunny day.

  6. Your game brings back many fond memories of playing with my Britains with my friends.


  7. You’ve made me recall the many battles I and my friends fought outside with our soldiers using HG Well’s Little Wars rules back in the early 1970’s. I’m tempted to pack up my 10 pieces of artillery, 200 calvary and some 600 soldiers and fly them over from California.
    Mission: retake Hooks Farm.
    Failing that: partake in the tea and cakes.

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