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My regular opponent Anthony is a keen fan of the Memoir ’44 system and a Dr Who fan so it is natural that he should want to combine the two. There is a variant for Memoir ’44 for Dr. Who which lets you take any historical scenario and replace the germans with daleks (or cybermen).

So, a couple of weeks ago we convened at Anthony’s to have our second game of the variant (the first one didn’t work terribly well as Anthony hadn’t read all the rules correctly and the Daleks were rather overwhelmed (and underwhelming)). This time we were sure of the rules.

The daleks are treated as Armour and have the advantge of moving further and firing at full strength regardless of the distance they fire at. They can also be only be hit on the armour symbol and ignore the first flag retreat result. In the scenario we played, the daleks had 6 units and a unit of Dalek troopers who didn’t could towards victory conditions. The UNIT side required 4 victory points to win (destroying dalek units) and the daleks required 10 victory points (destroy units or destroy a town).

It was a close fought game and UNIT finally won with their 4th victory point while the Daelks were on 8 points. In retrospect it would have been better on a couple of occasions for me, as the daleks, to destroy a town and risk losing a unit.

Definitely a good variant and one we will play again.

The figures are all 54mm with corgi daleks. The dalek troopers are repainted Star Wars figures.

Post game analysis was had over a cuppa with Anthony’s cat Leonard looking on…

5 thoughts on “Memoir ’44 Dalek Game

  1. I played a game of Daleks versus the same troops with bazookas being in high demand. If I recall, the normal infantry firearms were not very useful and the heavy weapons were required.

    I often think about playing another game and including the Doctor and his assistants. The infuriating thing with the TV character (some think it endearing) is his refusal to use weapons although in later series wasn’t his sonic screwdriver capable of doing damage? If so I suppose it would be fairly short range. The Doctor would also be useful for morale. I suppose also one would have to make him/her very hard to hit as he/she (yes it is annoying) is very sneaky, which also means he/she could infiltrate.

  2. James,

    The Memoir 44 Dr Who variant makes the Doctor an ‘Heroic Leader’. This means he can attach himself to any unit and give that unit dice bonuses. He can’t be killed so if the unit (of UNIT-I just had to..) he is with is destroyed he moves to another one.

  3. Brian,

    Leonard thanks you for the compliment and hopes to meet you some day!


    Leonard thanks you for the publicity..

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