First 54mm Napoleonics Game

I bought a large collection of 54mm Napoleonics last year from Andy Duff’s widow (Andy sadly died in December 2017) and I have slowly been working through it making sense of the figures an rebasing them into my planned arrangement for 12 man units based on 4 stands of 60mm x 40mm. The figures are a some what eclectic mix (as Andy himself admitted) and contain a fair amount of austrians repainted as other nations which will evntually be restored to their white coats and correct uniforms.

I have also bought a fair number of Prussians from Anthony who has decided to move to metals for his napoleonic collection.

I now have enough based up for a game and so Anthony and I met up to play a game using Neil Thomas’s Napoleonic rules with 8 units a side.

Each side had 1 cavalry, 1 gun, 5 line infantry, 1 poorer quality infantry, 1 general and 1 officer.

The game worked very well and we both enjoyed it – simple victory conditions were to claim the crossroads or reduce the enemy to 2 units. After a hard fought battle which swung both ways at times, the prussian jagers managed to almost completely destroy the last intact French unit with some lucky die rolling and I admitted defeat.

I need to finish the bases off for the figures but was keen to get them on the table as I always find that playing a game keeps up my interest in a project…

6 thoughts on “First 54mm Napoleonics Game

  1. What a splendid looking game which also sounds as if it was great fun to play. The scenery and figures complement each other well.

  2. I love the way Mike has managed to base three figures to a 60mm wide base. It gives his units a smaller footprint than is normal with 54mm figures which means more units can be deployed on an average 6′ x 4′ table without the game looking cramped. This was the first time that I had played Neil Thomas’s Napoleonic rules and I thoroughly enjoyed them.

  3. A great looking game and wonderful figures Mike. It’s interesting to me the visual impact that a unit with a relatively small number of figures has in 1/32nd scale. I’ll look forward to seeing/reading more reports of games with these figures and rules as your project proceeds.

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