54mm NWF – Rescue Mission

Anthony and I played another 54mm North-West frontier game using The Sword and the Flame with half-size units.

The scenario was that an outpost were preparing to evacuate due to reports of advancing tribesmen. A relief force was on the way but they must save the wounded and the gun from falling into Pathan hands. There are 4 baggage elephants, the gun crew and a single British unit manning the outpost.

The relief force consists of 4 infantry and one cavalry unit.


The outpost at the start of the game:

The British Relief Force:

The tribesman have arrived

General shots of the battle:

Anthony did the sensible thing and loaded his gun onto the elephants immediately and moved them out. Two elephants were captured by the Pathans for a brief time but I was unable to cause enough casualties on the British relief forces and eventually British firepower won the day.


Army Black Additions

Progress has been very slow on Army Black due to other painting commitments (such as Imperial Miniatures) and general lack of time. I did manage to finish the 16 Bavarians that have been sitting on the painting table for the last 3 months…


Up next will be the command for this unit and the unit of Prussian Infantry already done. Then onto the artillery crews….

All the Queens Men Price List

I have added a full price list to the Imperial Miniatures website listing all of the AQM sets we have available with prices. I’ll be adding sets to the online shop as fast I can photograph them but if there is anything you want to order from list then please just contact me.


I am expecting a large update of photographs at the beginning of next month.



First New Set Released

I have just released the first new set for Imperial Miniatures which shows the Mafeking Cadets being inspected by Colonel Baden Powell.

This is the original set that I had commissioned when planning Imperial Miniatures and before the opportunity to purchase All the Queen’s Men arose. They are lightly larger figures (what I would class as 60mm) in line with Trophy and Little Legion. It seemed a shame not to release them anyway.

New Company launched

I am pleased to announce that I have recently launched a new company, Imperial Miniatures, to produce a range of 54mm painted Toy Soldiers.


I have acquired the British in India, Colonial and ordnance ranges previously produced by All the Queens Men who closed up when Derek Cross retired in 2007.

I am working my way through making new moulds, sorting masters, etc but will be releasing new sets in a steady flow over the next few months and will be at the Toy Soldier show with a small table in December.

Test Airfix Figure

This is a test paint of an Airfix Old Guard Grenadier from a batch purchased on Ebay.

old guard

This was the very first box of figures that I bought when I started wargaming with Little Wars in 1974. We played with them unpainted then….

A couple more units painted


I have finished another unit of Napoleonics – 8 Call to Arms French Dragoons this time.

Also here is a couple of pictures of the elephant baggage train for the North West Frontier. This has already featured in a game (that unfortunately I forgot to take my camera to…)



First Napoleonic Unit Complete


I have made a start on painting up some 54mm Napoleonics for Neil Thomas’s rules and have completed my first unit of HAT Bavarians.

As can be seen from the picture below the next unit of Wurttemberger Jaegers is already on the painting table (assistance by Gizmo the cat).


Neil Thomas Moderns Game

I played a Cold War Nato/Warsaw Pact game yesterday with Anthony who was keen to try out Neil Thomas inspired Modern Rules with his collection of 54mm moderns. These are mostly Esci 1/35th, plus 1/43rd tanks and other vehicles with the occasional 1/50th vehicle.

We played down the length of a 10 foot x 4.5 foot table. The rules seemed to work while, although as the Warsaw pact I was outgunned with T-55s against Chieftans!

Some pictures of the game: