Rorke’s Drift Diorama

I haven’t posted much as I have been extremely busy with work – both the wargames business and the Toy Soldier side. I have managed a few games but not managed to write them up.

The main project I have been working on was a commission for a Christmas present for a customer for her husband:

This was a commissioned piece requested to accompany a painting of the Defence of Rorke’s Drift. The diorama has 71 figures (and a dog) and is 22 inches wide by 15 inches deep, based on an oak base and supplied with a 4mm acrylic cover.

It uses figures from the All the Queen’s men range with four additional new figures that have been added to the range just for this diorama. The hospital is made from a plywood shell with 3d printed stone texture added to the outside.

The new casualty figures will be released as soon as I get a some photos sorted and uploaded.

The hospital is the first of a range of facades and will be released as a kit and a fully painted item in time for the March London Show.

If you are interested in commissioning a diorama please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.

There are many more photographs here:


Army Black Additions

Progress has been very slow on Army Black due to other painting commitments (such as Imperial Miniatures) and general lack of time. I did manage to finish the 16 Bavarians that have been sitting on the painting table for the last 3 months…


Up next will be the command for this unit and the unit of Prussian Infantry already done. Then onto the artillery crews….

New Company launched

I am pleased to announce that I have recently launched a new company, Imperial Miniatures, to produce a range of 54mm painted Toy Soldiers.

I have acquired the British in India, Colonial and ordnance ranges previously produced by All the Queens Men who closed up when Derek Cross retired in 2007.

I am working my way through making new moulds, sorting masters, etc but will be releasing new sets in a steady flow over the next few months and will be at the Toy Soldier show with a small table in December.

Test Airfix Figure

This is a test paint of an Airfix Old Guard Grenadier from a batch purchased on Ebay.

old guard

This was the very first box of figures that I bought when I started wargaming with Little Wars in 1974. We played with them unpainted then….

A couple more units painted


I have finished another unit of Napoleonics – 8 Call to Arms French Dragoons this time.

Also here is a couple of pictures of the elephant baggage train for the North West Frontier. This has already featured in a game (that unfortunately I forgot to take my camera to…)



First Napoleonic Unit Complete


I have made a start on painting up some 54mm Napoleonics for Neil Thomas’s rules and have completed my first unit of HAT Bavarians.

As can be seen from the picture below the next unit of Wurttemberger Jaegers is already on the painting table (assistance by Gizmo the cat).


Some Experimental painting

I have not played any 54mm games recently but have been doing some planning for games and this includes looking into using Neil Thomas’s Napoleonic Rules for Napoleonics and also starting a 54mm ECW collection to initially use with File Leader.

Some test painting can be seen here:




I have also been casting and assembling more troops for the German Little Wars army to oppose my British. One unit of germans is done and I have half-way through assembling a unit of Bavarians, a unit of Jaegers and 3 gun crews. They should soon be ready for some winter painting sessions.

54mm NorthWest Frontier

I have made a start on my North West Frontier Scenery so that Anthony and I can play some games with The Sword and The Flame rules.

First up is the Airfix Desert Outpost:


Then I have started chopping up some bits of packaging to make some rocks for my Afghans to hide in.


I have about 40 Afghans painted and just need to finish 20 more so we can have a game with half-size units.