Master Castings

I had chance to make a master mould last week and these are some very quickly assembled test castings from the mould.

These are the four new figures:


These are the artillery compared with a Britain’s Gun


I am off to the London Toy Soldier Show for the first time tomorrow, so will hopefully get some ideas for new additions to the armies and possible castings to convert for generals, etc.

Some more Greens

Alongside some new 28mm figures due for release at Salute came some new 54mm figures and pieces from the sculptor Martian Baker.

I have put together a few quick photos of the figures to give people an idea of how they look.

First up is the Guard Officer:

British Guard Officer

Then we have a basic general purpose artilleyman in shirt and braces with a bare-head so he can be used for any side.

There are three combinations of possible arms at the moment:




The shell is separate so the arms can be used to hold other things as well.