British General

I went to the London Toy Soldier show last weekend at the Royal National Hotel in Russel Square.

It was an interesting contrast to the familiar wargaming shows that I usually attend. There was everything from fairly cheap plastics and Britains repaints on sale to superb (and very expensive) figures from the likes of First Legion and K&C.

I met up with Padre Paul Wright (author of Funny Little Wars) for a coffee along with Brian from the Yahoogroup who is involved in Plastic Warrior magazine. We had an interesting chat and got to see some of Brian’s latest conversions.

The other thing I got to see was the different ways of packaging glossy boxed sets and how people present them – after a chat with Giles from Dorset Soldiers I have managed to source a supply of boxes for our first Glossy sets which I hope to release in May.

I bought a magazine and just one figure from Asset Miniatures, which is their model of George Vth dressed as a Field Marshall in parade uniform, which I thought would make a very good British CinC for Army Red.