FLW Game Report Army Red vs Army Khaki

This is a game that Anthony Morton and I played at the Guildford Wargames Club last week between my own Army Red and his Army Khaki. Army Red is made up of castings from my own Little Wars Revisited range of 54mm Toy Soldiers. Anthony’s Army Khaki is from AIP North-West Frontier figures and was also painted by me. I will eventually be painting up an opposing force of Afghans for use with FLW and TSATF rules.

The game was played on a 6 foot by 7 foot table with us playing down the length. There were two main farm buildings as objectives and a couple of woods and an outlying farm building. The farm was a 28mm EM4 Miniatures Farm which comes painted already. Being on the large side it worked well on a tabletop with 54mm figures.


This is Army Red set up on their baseline.


The following is Army Khaki:


The opening moves saw both forces approach the closest objectives with Army Khaki’s cavalry on the left flank facing off Army Red’s lancers.



Army Khaki started the game with both of their guns unlimbered on the baseline while Army Red pushed forward the light gun in support of the cavalry leaving the medium gun for use in counter-battery fire. After some ranging shots, the Army Khaki Medium gun was eliminated.

The Army Red Cavalry pushed forward.

And the two cavalry forces met by the farm.


Before the cavalry melee could start, Army Red’s sniper eliminated two of the opposing cavalrymen which swung the resultant melee in Army Red’s favour.


Both sides continued a cautious advance.



The Army Red Rifles unit eventually occupied the second farm building.


After a fierce firefight between the rifles and two enemy units, the rifles were forced out of the farm and the Indian infantry were able to occupy the farm building.

On the same turn the second Army Khki gun was eliminated.

The game was declared at that point as a narrow draw.

Funny Little Houses

One of the problems with 54mm wargaming is the amount of space that scenery takes up, especially buildings. I was quite taken with the range of Funny Little Houses from TVAG which are made for Funny Little Wars but really don’t have space to store them.

The solution is to make them in sections which can be dismantled and stored flat.

The buildings are made by printing but the PDF files onto A4 full-sheet labels on a colour printer. The labels are then stuck onto black 5mm Foamboard and then cut round. I ignore all the tabs used when making them from card and just cut out each wall, etc separately.

The edges and sides of the foamboard are then lined with 5mm magnetic strip, which enables them to “click” together.



This is the completed Large Stone cottage assembled:


and this is it dismantled for storage:


The same with the church:



Up and running again

I’ve had a few problems with WordPress recently which have stopped me updating the site but that is now fixed, so hopefully I can catch up on the excitement over the last month or so of my first games of Funny Little Wars and the FLW Centennial Weekend.


This is a taster of Army Red laid out ready for a game.