LWR Forum Games Day 2020

The Little Wars Revisited 54mm Wargame Forum held the 3rd annual Games Dy in Woking. The venue was a room in Christchurch in the centre of Woking as usual.

Sadly, this year we had a number of dropouts due to diary clashes and then some last minute cancellations from Coronavirus fears or problems. This reduced the numbers from a healthy 12-16 potentials to just 5 hardy soulds who made it on the day.

There were three games run on the day:

Anthony Morton put on a Rorke’s Drift refight using Little Legion metal figures and the Portable Wargames rules.

I ran “The Relief of Fort Pippin” another game using The Portable Wargame and my own 19th century Blakc Hat Miniatures figures. This was a playtest of the participation game I have been working on for Salute 2020.

Eric and Jonny Kemp played a couple of variations on a Roman vs Celt game using Eric’s own rules (written the night before!).

Although numbers were down, a good time was had by all and people enjoyed the games they played.

Photographs of the games below:


Eric always produced superbly painted figures nad amazing conversions and this game was no exception. One particularly clever trick was taking the Call to Arms romans who are waving thier shields and swords around wildly (in a most unroman manner) and turning their heads through 90 degrees. This was very effective and makes the figures look so much better.

The first game involved a celtic attack on a Roman Watchtower and the second a mass brawl between the two sides.


Anthony Morton put on this Rorke’s Drift game. It used the Command and Colours scenarion from the C&C website and involved 3 waves of Zulus. The Zulus had to kill all British units before the british could destroy a wave (which happened when the Zulus lost 4 units). The closest the Zulus came across 3 games was killing 7 out of 10 British Units.


This was a play test of a participation game. The germans have invaded Camberwick green and are besieging Fort Pippin, a relief force is dispatched from Chigley to save the fort. The game ran for 10 turns and whoever held the fort at the end of turn 10 wins. It was a very close game with the Germans capturing the fort on turn 8 before being thrown back out and then just failing to recapture it on turn 10.