Boer War Armoured Train

I have played a few 54mm games recently but not had time to write them up – hope to put up something soon.

I am currently working on a new piece for my Imperial Miniatures Toy Soldier range, which is a Boer War Armoured train.

The loco is nearly finished and once I have sorted a few bits I can start to work out what to make in metal. Currently it is laser-cut plywood with 3d printed parts.

The armoured wagon is getting there but needs quite a bit of work…

12 thoughts on “Boer War Armoured Train

  1. That is fantastic Mike. Though a chap with a 1/32 train could do some deal damage in the garden. The temptation to start laying track would be overwhelming.

  2. James,

    It is laser cut 3mm plywood (I have a laser cutter!) and 3d printed ABS plastic (the blue parts).

  3. Awesome! I am currently scratch building a similar model from foam board, but I am tempted to wait for you to make yours available.
    What scale is the track?

  4. Sorry, I just reread your post and understand that this is still in the prototype stage and that your goal is produce the final model in metal. Personally, I would be happy with a wood and plastic version, especially if that served to keep manufacturing and shipping costs down. Once the model is painted in gloss grey or khaki, I don’t think you would be able to tell the difference.

    Just my two cents…

  5. Nick,

    The bodywork will remain as plywood. The 3d printed parts will mostly be done in metal as it is a much more efficient way of producing them. Some will remain 3d printed that are awkward to cast or simply too long to fit into a mould.

    But wheels, axle boxes, etc are better done in metal.

    I expect it’ll take me a couple of months to get this into production – partly because I’ve been ill the last couple of weeks and so am a bit behind on things…

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