Little Wars Revisited Forum Games Day

On Saturday March 10th a bunch of us from the Little Wars Revisited 54mm Wargames Forum met up in Woking, Surrey for a day of 54mm wargaming. The idea behind the day was to play a number of different games with different rulesets and see what other people did with 54mm wargaming and experience some new things as well as meet up with some people in Real Life for the first time.

The venue was Christchurch, a church in the very centre of Woking.

There were 5 games run on the day with people switching games between the morning and afternoon sessions.

First up, I ran my game of The Portable Wargame by Bob Cordery using the same scenery, Little Wars Revisited figures and scenario that we had used for the Cavalier game.

Anthony Morton brought along his ECW collection and and ran a game using the Pikeman’s Lament ruleset by Dan Mersey.

Alistair Jack ran a North West Frontier scenario with the British rescuing a garrison from hordes of Pathans using The Sword and The Flame ruleset from Larry Brom.

Eric Kemp and his son Jon ran a Napoleonic game using their own homegrown rules featuring a mass of Fench (160 figures!) assaulting La Haye Sainte against a few plucky British.

Brian Carrick ran a Lion Rampant game (again, rules by Dan Mersey) with English and French medieval armies clashing – featuring some very clever conversion (crossbow men from ww2 figures…)

We played a game in the morning, broke for lunch in the excellent church cafe downstairs and then played a second game in the afternoon. After clearing up a few of us retired to the local Turkish restaurant for an evening meal and more discussions of 54mm figures and wargaming.

All in all, a fun day and something that I have already been asked about repeating next year.

9 thoughts on “Little Wars Revisited Forum Games Day

  1. Looks like a splendid time was had by all! I wish Woking was closer to California. The La Haye Saint game reminds me of my Alamo game.

    Best wishes,
    Nick Stern

  2. Hi Mike,

    Just wanted to add my thanks and appreciation for all the work you put into organising the day. Clearly all concerned thought it was a runaway success!

    Best wishes

  3. I love the modularity of your Portable Wargame tiles. This has really captured my imagination. So much so that I bought Bob Cordery’s book! …Can I take it that you use the ‘one figure represents one point of strength’? method of forming units? Thanks. Steve.

  4. @Tim

    Looks like a great game – often thought that VBCW would be good in 54mm – you could use the AIP Boxer Rebellion range as well as WW1 stuff..

    If you haven’t joined the forum then please do and post some pictures of your collections…

  5. @Stephen

    No, we always use the “instant death” option where a unit dies if it fails or retreats if it passes a morale test. In our experience, strength points just drag out the game in our style of games without any advantages – so effectively the whole unit has only 1 strength point.

    We also never use exhaustion points relying instead on 10-15 turns and set objectives for the scenario.

  6. Stephen, one of the many advantages of not using SPs is that you don’t need any game markers or rosters, which clutter up the table. It also means that you can make your units any size you want. Mike settled on 6 infantry or 2 cavalry per unit to fit his preferred size of square (4″). It also makes it cheaper to raise a glossy 54mm metal army! I will use 5″ squares for my Zulu War games which means I can have three cavalry to a unit, and eight infantry (although I will stick with 6 infantry for now). Best wishes, Anthony.

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